Bummer. Protests Dwindle at Wisconsin Capitol – Only a Couple Dozen Loons Show Up Today

Workers Of The World Unite!… Or not.
So much for the national revolution against the rich Michael Moore was talking about…

A protestor demonstrates outside the Wisconsin State Capitol February 22 in Madison, Wisconsin. (AFP)

JS Online reported, via Free Republic:

On Monday morning, a small but dedicated group began to chant in protest of Gov. Walker’s budget-repair bill in the Capitol rotunda.

Outside the Capitol, there is little or no sign of the mass protests that have engulfed the Capitol square in recent weeks.

On the streets surrounding the Capitol, the number of satellite trucks has dwindled to two. And the only sign of an organized-labor presence is the sight of two Teamsters semi-tractor trailers.

Last week, Dane County Circuit Court Judge John Albert ordered that the Capitol be open to the public and easier to access by 8 a.m. Monday.

That was certainly the case on Monday. On the state Department of Administration’s website, there was this simple statement: “The Capitol is open and the traffic in is light.”

So much for the revolution.

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