REJECTED: Governor Scott Walker to Fleebaggers: No Border Meeting

Governor Scott Walker’s got nads.

Protestors scream outside of the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s office while he holds a fireside chat at the state Capitol in Madison Wisconsin February 22, 2011. Wisconsin Governor Walker, whose bid to reduce public employee union bargaining power has triggered public protests, said on Sunday he expected Democrats who oppose his plan to return to the state and debate the issue this week. (REUTERS/Darren Hauck)

Governor Scott Walker turned down an invitation by the 14 AWOL democrats for a meeting at the Wisconsin-Illinois border. He told the fleebaggers, “It’s ridiculous.” reported:

Gov. Scott Walker says a request from the leader of Senate Democrats to meet along the Illinois-Wisconsin border is ridiculous.

Walker said Monday that Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller has been standing in the way of progress on negotiations with other Democrats to end an impasse over a bill taking away collective bargaining rights from public workers.

Walker says he doesn’t know who is in charge of the 14 Democrats who fled to Illinois to block a vote on the measure.

Miller says Walker can talk with any Democrat he wants if he doesn’t want to deal with him.

Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach says it’s Walker’s administration that’s been in the way of striking a deal with Democrats. Erpenbach says Democrats continue to make offers.

Bummer. The fleebaggers sure weren’t expecting that.

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