Big Spender Obama Defends Funding Public Jihad-Supporting Radio

Deficit crisis?… What deficit crisis?

This chart was updated to reflect the recent news that the deficit this year will reach $1.65 trillion. (The Captain’s Comments)

Barack Obama told reporters today that there really is no need to stop funding jihad-supporting public broadcasting.
The Hill reported:

President Obama defended public broadcasting from cuts on Friday, emphasizing that defunding networks like NPR and PBS would do little to rein in spending.

As Republicans in Congress hope to defund government assistance to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which in turn supports NPR and PBS stations, Obama said the cuts make little sense.

“I think it’s going to be important for us to have a conversation after we get the short-term budget done, about how do we really tackle the problem in a comprehensive way,” Obama said at a press conference on Friday.

“And that means not just going after Head Start or Corporation for Public Broadcasting. That’s not where the money is,” he added.

There’s no way the left is going to defund public broadcasting without a fight.
After all, it is free advertising for democrats.

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