At Wisconsin Capitol Jesse Jackson Compares Scott Walker to Racist Democrat George Wallace

The left continues to impress…
When they’re not plotting to bomb Governor Scott Walker’s press conferences or protesting against him with vulgar signs, they’re comparing him to racist George Wallace.

Madison protesters carry “Walker sucks Koch” signs.
Communist stooge Jesse Jackson was back in Madison, Wisconsin today and compared Governor Scott Walker to racist democrat George Wallace.
The Progressive reported:

Jackson revved up the Madison crowd, which was in a fighting spirit already.

“I congratulate you for your staying power,” he said, “for your commitment to hold on and hold out, and for your focus to stay nonviolent.”

Jackson then made a comparison between the civil rights movement and the current labor struggle in Wisconsin.


“This is the week we went across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma for the right to vote,” he said. “We have gone from Wallace trying to deny us the right to vote to Walker trying to deny workers the right to bargain. We have gone from Wallace to Walker.”

And he pointed out that “Dr. King’s last act on Earth was marching for workers’ rights.”

He added: “When we march, we honor Dr. King. When we march multiculturally and multiracially, we honor Dr. King. When we march nonviolently, we honor Dr. King.”

Jackson criticized Walker and other Republican governors for using
teachers and workers as “scapegoats.”

And he asked repeatedly, “Where is the money?”

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