ANGRY LEFTIST MOB Storms WI Capitol Pushing-Shoving Screaming “Peaceful Protest” (Video) …Update: Police Barriers Broken – Reporters Harassed

“This is what democracy looks like.”
Raging leftists stormed the Wisconsin Capitol last night screaming “peaceful protest” while pushing and shoving their way past state troopers.

The mob also surrounded and harassed a conservative reporter in the Capitol Building.

The protesters stormed into the building and broke down police barriers.
The Badger Herald said the protesters were “more aggressive” than normal.


After about an hour and a half, protesters stormed the building’s entrances, forcing themselves past police blockades.

Protesters who remained in the building past the hearing’s conclusion ran the risk of being arrested for disorderly conduct because of a March 3 court order that declared people could not occupy the Capitol after hours.

Capitol police said they were in “crisis mode” Wednesday evening because the building had been “taken over” by protesters. About 1,000 people were inside the building and 6,000 joined them after rushing previously locked doors, according to a statement from the Department of Administration.

Police were concerned about protesters’ physical safety with overcrowding
, especially on the Capitol’s second floor bridges, the statement said.

DOA spokesperson Tim Donovan said law enforcement officers attempted to prevent forced entry from happening but were unable to because of the large volume of people.

“We’re disappointed that people who have been very cooperative over the past three weeks were not cooperative tonight and entered the building against the court order,” Donovan said.

Madison resident John Severa held a State Street entrance door open for an hour and said people inside the building rushed to the entrance to push the doors open for protesters outside.

Police responded shortly after to try to barricade the door, but their attempts were unsuccessful. After several minutes, police retreated while protesters cheered.

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