Al-Qaeda Sets Trap at Yemeni Ammo Plant – Blows Up 75 People

With all of the recent action in the Middle East we almost forgot to congratulate the Obama Administration on their excellent maneuvering in Yemen… A former US ally in the War “kinetic military operation” on Terror “man caused disaster.”

The Yemenis might as well get used to this.
This is what happens when you have no central government and Al-Qaeda is running loose in a country. Just ask Iraq.
Al-Qaeda killers set a trap and slaughtered 75 people today in Yemen.
This Muslim terror group sure loves killing Muslims.

People line up bodies after a huge fire and blasts at an ammunition plant in southern Yemen. (AFP)

The AFP reported, via Free Republic:

A huge fire and blasts killed more than 75 people at an ammunition factory looted by Al-Qaeda on Monday, officials said, as parts of south Yemen eluded government control amid mounting protests.

A security official said the explosions rocked the plant as dozens of residents were inside helping themselves to whatever ammunition and guns were left after Sunday’s raid by suspected Al-Qaeda fighters.

Al-Qaeda militants had lured the civilians into a “lethal trap,” charged a spokesman for the restive southern province of Abyan, where he said a series of blasts set off a blaze which destroyed the plant.

The blasts were triggered by explosive powder left behind by Al-Qaeda, according to the unnamed official quoted on the defence ministry newspaper’s website.

Another local official, Nasser al-Mansari, told AFP earlier that between 75 and 80 people were killed. Many victims were burnt beyond recognition and reduced to bone by the blasts and fire at the factory near the city of Jaar.

Around 20 women and several children were among the dead. In keeping with Islamic tradition, several of the victims were buried within hours.


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