A NEW LEFTIST RECORD… 18 WI Republicans Receive Death Threats This Week

This has got to be a new record.
18 Wisconsin Republicans received death threats in one week!

Not only are the “tolerant” leftists calling for the death of Governor Scott Walker.
Not only are they sending Republicans senators death threats by email.
They’re slipping death threats under their doors.

So much for the whole new civility business…
18 Wisconsin Republicans have complained of receiving death threats this week following their vote to limit union powers.
The Wausau Daily Herald reported:


State Sens. Joe Leibham and Glenn Grothman said they are among as many as 18 Republican senators who received a death threat following their votes to eliminate most collective bargaining powers for public workers.

The threat was sent in an e-mail late Wednesday with the subject, “Death threat!!!! Bomb!!!!” according to a copy of the letter released by Grothman’s office. The e-mail also was addressed to Sen. Pam Galloway, R-Wausau.

Grothman, R-West Bend, said the e-mail is the latest example of “a new height in incivility.” He said in recent weeks he has received obscene phone calls at all hours of the night, been jostled at the Capitol and has been shouted down during interviews.

“This is another example of the anger which is being spewed by the government unions,” Grothman said. “This has been all about intimidating … Republican legislators into bowing to the public unions, and it has only steeled our resolve.”

Grothman said he is hesitant to completely disregard the threat given the volatile atmosphere in Madison. A note shoved under his door Wednesday night said, “The only good Republican is a dead Republican.”

Of course, the fact that the violent left is sending death threats surprises no one.

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