11 Michigan Leftists Slammed to the Floor, Arrested, Frog-Marched From Capitol Building (Video)

This is what democracy looks like…
The young leftists attempted to stage a sit-in after hours like in Wisconsin. They were slammed to the floor and arrested.
Later the leftist protesters were frog-marched to the waiting police cars.

The Michigan Messenger reported:

Michigan State Police Capt. Gary Nix says troopers arrested 11 people Wednesday night during protests at the state Capitol.

All who were arrested will be charged with trespassing, and one faces a felony charge of obstructing a police officer. Nix said the details of the felony case were not completely clear but revolved around that person opening a bathroom window on the ground floor of the Capitol in a move to allow other protesters in.

Similar actions were taken in Wisconsin last week, where protesters opened windows of ground floor offices to allow protesters in.

The arrests came at the end of a day that saw thousands of protesters on the Capitol lawn as well as in the building protesting 40 bills which activists say unfairly target labor. There were also protests against Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget proposals.

Those protests were dying down and most people had left when a group of about 100 entered the Capitol building in an attempt to keep it open, as was the original plan for Tuesday. Like the night before, when the police informed the protesters that they would have to vacate the building or face arrest, most of them peacefully left.

But when it came time to close the building, the doors were locked and that’s when the problems began.

Nicole Conaway, one of the protesters inside the building at that point, told the Messenger what happened:

“We took a vote and decided to try and stay as long as we could. There were people pounding on the windows wanting to get in so a group gathered up and tried to go towards the doors to let other people in. That’s when the police kind of slammed the leaders to the floor and took them away and arrested the people that were in the front.”

The smaller group of younger protesters then regrouped and had to decide what to do. Most of them decided to leave peacefully while a handful of them locked arms together and chose defiance.

Hat Tip Mike

Sadly, if Governor Scott Walker would have arrested the Wisconsin thugs the first night they illegally stayed in the State Capitol he could have saved himself some misery in the long run.

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