Federal Government Gives 40,000 TSA Employees Permission to Unionize (Video)

Now they can make more money and get better benefits than the average American, too!
TSA employees will vote next month to unionize thanks to Democrats.

It’s called “an Obama union payoff.”

40,000 TSA screeners were granted permission to unionize. The news broke late Friday.
Chron.com reported:


After nearly a decade of wrangling, the Transportation Security Administration on Friday gave more than 40,000 airport screeners the right to vote on limited collective bargaining rights, strengthening their voice in work conditions but barring them from striking or negotiating over pay or security procedures.

The decision — though limited — won praise from government worker unions and many TSA workers, who fought to win the same protections as other federal employees despite claims from Republican lawmakers that union demands could jeopardize national security or slow response times in a crisis.

The agency’s administrator, John Pistole, said the decision will allow bargaining on a national level over certain employment issues such as setting work shifts, transfers, vacation time and awards. The deal prohibits negotiating on issues that might affect security, the deployment of security personnel, job qualifications, testing or discipline. It also bars any work slowdowns.

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