Top Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Islamists Have Been Directing Protests in Egypt

Well, this is reassuring.
Top Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt Kamal Helbawi told the Iranian News Agency this weekend that Islamists were directing the protests in Egypt.

The Islamic Republic News Agency reported:

Top Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt Kamal Helbawi underlined the Islamic nature of revolution in his country and said the young generation of Muslim Brotherhood had a very good role in taking people to the streets and protecting them in Tahrir Square.

Helbawi, who is in Tehran to attend the International Conference on Islamic Unity, in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Saturday said Egyptians’ demands come from their interest in Islam.

‘People of Egypt are seeking human dignity, social justice, and their human rights none of which has any contradiction with Islamic principles,’ said Helbawi.


Stressing that the west is trying to downplay the revolution of people in Egypt, Helbawi said, ‘Organizing several million-strong rallies shows that some leaders, many of whom are Islamists, have been directing people.’

Responding to a question about Camp David Accords, the former spokesman of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said, ‘People of Egypt cannot accept an agreement which is based on injustice and has ignored the rights of Palestinians.’

‘We cannot respect such agreements and won’t approve of them,’ he said.
Helbawi expressed hope that the military council, ruling Egypt after Mubark, will heed legitimate demands of Egyptians and respond positively to them.

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