The Tucson Tea Party Needs Your Help – Local Authorities Are Trying to Silence These Patriots

After the tragic shooting by a crazed Bush-hating pot-smoking leftist last month the Tucson Tea Party has been under constant attack. Local and national media outlets slandered and smeared the freedom protesters blaming them for a tragedy that had nothing to do with them.

The local tea party leader was even threatened with death by a crazed leftist at a public forum.

Local officials are still trying to silence and destroy this group of patriots. They are intimidating local professionals to the point where they will no longer speak at their rallies.

The Tucson Tea Party
needs your help.
Please pass this on….


We are trying to hold a tea party on April 30th in Tucson. Already the blowback from some in leadership since January 8th has been to try and shut us down.

We were having a town hall/forum on mental health on Feb 18th and one by one the County Prosecutor and Sheriff have spoken to our speakers and intimidated them to the point where they will no longer speak. This really can’t happen.

We need help and want to make sure conservatives in our town don’t feel scared to speak out on issues they feel need their voice.

Do you have any contacts that would be willing to at least consider an invitation to come and speak at our tea party that day?

Below I included our invite letter.

Thank you for all you do,

Jennifer Humphries

Here is that letter:



I am the Event Coordinator for the Tucson Tea Party.

I am writing to you because we would like to invite you to be the featured guest for our Tea Party in Tucson AZ on April 30th.

The Tucson Tea Party was placed squarely in the center of political storm on January 8th. Up until that point our organization had created a strong and positive image within our community. If you couldn’t agree with us many at least had respect for the courage we showed in peacefully expressing our opinions.

January 8th was a terrible day and we all felt the shock and sadness from one man’s actions, but there were other victims that day. We believe that the media and many others enacted a sick premeditated plan to bring down those they disagreed with. Our only offense was the fact that we had spoken our views and challenged the rhetoric they so easily throw at us. The aftermath of the tragedy didn’t focus on the fact that this man acted alone and was suffering from mental illness, rather all of the coverage would lead people to believe that many were involved in helping him carry out his heinous act. There are many who won’t be satisfied until we accept blame for a crime we did not commit.

Our tea party here in Tucson is trying to move forward the best we can. Our leadership team and membership is made up of everyday Americans. We aren’t heroes or big names that people would recognize, but we feel driven now to make sure that we aren’t silenced. This event was a real “awakening” for our group. We saw the lengths some would go to in order to stop those they disagree with. This was a truly frightening realization. They were trying to silence citizens’ rights to peacefully voice displeasure with government actions. That is not the America I want to leave for my children.

We would like to offer you a venue to speak. Tucson is not a big city and not usually on many political stopping points. but many are watching us right now. They are watching to see if we run and hide. Truthfully, we were half tempted to do so when the death threats started rolling in with sentiments such as “your children’s brains should be blown out”. Here is where they underestimated us though. The Tucson Tea Party has nothing to be ashamed of. We stood up when others wouldn’t, we spoke up when others waited to get survey results back on how to answer questions and for that we took abuse, but we realized that what we are fighting for is worth it. We would like to show those who thought they could hurt us that we are moving forward and are going to do so with grace, passion, strength and courage.

I appreciate any consideration you can give our request,

Jennifer Humphries
TTP Event Coordinator, Mother and wife

You can donate to this tea party group at their website.

More…Betsy Ross‘ added this in the comments:

How very sad and scary. Just think, Code Pink can attend a protest and say the most sickening, disgusting things about Justice Thomas and his wife without any fear of repercussions but Tea Party patriots are threatened if they dare to even attempt to freely assemble. Do you think the DOJ will care?…it is, indeed, frightening.

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