Tens of Thousands Gather for “Day of Departure” Protests in Tahrir Square

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered after Friday prayers for the “Day of Departure” protest in Tahrir Square.
Aljazeera reported:

Chants urging President Hosni Mubarak to leave are reverberating across Cairo’s Tahrir Square, Egypt’s protest epicentre, where tens of thousands have gathered for what they said was the “Day of Departure”.

As the country entered its eleventh day of unrest, mass demonstrations commenced after Friday prayers.

Thousands gathered in the city of Alexandria, holding up placards and chanting “He must go!” an Al Jazeera correspondent there reported. Three thousand people also joined demonstrations in the Mohandeseen district of Giza.

“The feel here is that today is the final day for Mubarak, it’s time for him to go,” Gigi Ibrahim, a political activist told Al Jazeera from Tahrir Square.

“This whole process has been about who is more determined and who is not willing to give up. And everyday [the protesters] get more and more determined,” Ibrahim said.

Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Egypt’s defence minister, also visited the square earlier on Friday. He talked with the protesters along with some military commanders.

Earlier, Ahmed Shafiq, Egypt’s new prime minister, said the interior minister should not obstruct Friday’s peaceful marches. And Mubarak, on his part said “he wanted to leave office, but feared there will be chaos if he did”.

Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei praised the Islamic uprisings.

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