ST. LOUIS SOUP LINE PROTEST Forms at Claire McCaskill’s Delmar Office

St. Louis wants jobs but Claire McCaskill doesn’t care.
She’d rather send the DNC Convention to Charlotte than bring those good jobs here to St. Louis where she’d have to face tea party protesters.

A Soup Line Protest broke out in St. Louis today.

Despite the morning snow storm St. Louis Tea Party patriots turned out at Claire McCaskill’s office today on Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis city to hold a tea party soup line protest.

Here’s video from our St. Louis Soup Line Protest:


Not even another winter snowstorm… excuse me, global warming… could keep us home today.

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and he doesn’t seem to care.

Despite the fact that that jobs are hard to come by these days Senator Claire McCaskill reportedly pushed the DNC to hold their convention in Charlotte because she was afraid of the St. Louis protesters. Claire is afraid of dissent. She should be after she voted for Obamacare and the failed Trillion dollar stimulus. Because of her actions St. Louis missed out on millions of dollars of revenue.

Claire might not care – but we care.
And today we let her know it.

** Here’s more video from the protest today.

** And, here are more photos from today’s protest.

Still more pictures here.

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