Stunner. MoveOn Pro-Union Protests Scream F*** You Attack Tea Partiers & Shove a Petite Older Woman (Video)

The hits keep coming… pro-union thugs screamed F*** you at a group of tea partiers in Georgia and then crossed the street and attacked them. A petite elderly woman was shoved by the attacking leftist goons.

From the video: On Sat Feb. 26, Moveon Gwinnett sponsored a solidarity rally to support public sector unions. The “save the American Dream” rally at the Georgia state capitol was a time to rail against Republicans, Scott Walker, tea parties, and anyone who questioned the union and other leftist movements. As the event closed and participants approached tea party activists counter-protesting half a block away, the police made an effort to separate the two groups, but some union supporters went around the barriers and attacked the tea party protesters. A man assaulted a petite older woman and a Tea Party guy, and directed many hateful remarks towards the tea party activists. From misspelled signs and hokey songs, to f-bombs and violence, these union supporters had a big day!

Don’t expect the media to report on this attack.
It doesn’t fit their agenda.

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