SICK… Media Matters Smear Merchant Eric Boehlert Amused By Violence Against FOX News Reporter (Audio)

These people are sick.
Soros-funded leftist Eric Boehlert thinks its funny that FOX News reporter Mike Tobin was assaulted this week by far left goons in Madison, Wisconsin.
No wonder they love him at the smear-website Media Matters.
Via Radio Equalizer:

Transcript via Radio Equalizer:

GREG JARRETT: Why do they express such vitriol toward the media?



MIKE TOBIN: You know, I don’t know what they intend to [Miller laughing in the background] accomplish by it, but they definitely as you can see by covering up the cameras they want to shut down the communication.

MILLER: HA! No, they didn’t say ‘the media’, they said ‘Fox News.’

BOEHLERT: I didn’t hear any Washington, I didn’t see any Washington Post demonstrations etc. Now this is I was just looking at some clips of this and then later over at some point over the weekend he and this reporter and Geraldo had an on-air pity party and the reporter talked about how these protesters, just hate free speech and hate diversity of viewpoint and you can see the hatred in their eyes.

[Miller laughing in the background]

You just have to laugh.

You’ve gotta love how Boehlert defended the leftist thugs who assaulted conservatives this past week.
What a pitiful individual.

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