Shiite Hardliner Returns to Seize Control From Pro-American King in Bahrain

Don’t worry… The Ditherer in Chief is on it.

A hardline Shi’ite dissident returned home to Bahrain from exile this weekend to join the burgeoning opposition to the island kingdom’s pro-American Sunni royal family.

Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty reported:

A hard-line Shi’ite dissident has returned to Bahrain from exile to join an opposition movement demanding that the island kingdom’s Sunni rulers accept a more democratic system.

Hassan Mushaimaa, London-based leader of the Shi’ite Haq movement, told media as he arrived that “dialogue…is not enough. Promising is not enough” and called for immediate political reforms.

Mushaimaa had originally planned to return last week to test a dialogue offer by the king.

But Lebanese authorities temporarilly seized his passport during a stopover in Beirut on February 22, saying his name was on an international arrest warrant.

Tens of thousands thronged the streets of Manama on February 25 in one of the biggest demonstrations since unrest erupted in Bahrain 10 days earlier.

But, don’t worry… Obama is on it.

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