Senator George Allen Talks Macaca & Failed Liberal Policy at CPAC 2011 (Video)

Senator George Allen talks “macaca” and failed liberal policy at CPAC 2011. The conservative leader said he never would have called the liberal cameraman macaca if he knew what it meant. The conservative senator also blasted liberals for their failed economic policies.
Allen is running for Virginia senator in 2012.

From the video:
Jim Hoft: (On the macaca incident) I know there were issues with that back during the campaign and I’m sure you’re going to get questions about that. How are you going to respond to that now?

Senator George Allen: Forth rightly. It was a mistake. I never should have drawn that young camera man in that was following me all over Virginia. And, if I had any idea that word would have been considered a slur I never would have used it. It took attention away from the issues and ideas…

Jim Hoft: I never knew the meaning of that word and still don’t and it was ridiculous… So what is your plan for your race this time especially now that the news that Webb is not going to run again?

Senator George Allen: My campaign was for the people of Virginia from the beginning. My motivation was not to be against any one person. It’s to actually fight for the people of Virginia. And people before Senator Webb decided he wasn’t going to run for reelection, I heard people say if it’s Webb what are you going to do and I said, Look, we need to build our grassroots insurgency. We need to have positive constructive ideas that need to rein in the federal government from this dangerous spending. I really want to be abdicating for a strong American energy game plan so that we’re not vulnerable to hostile dictators and cartels and we need to make our country more competitive and lower taxes on job-creating businesses. So that when people do have that opportunity to achieve the American dream especially young people my like daughter and her friends who just graduated from college…

Jim Hoft:
One last question. There were rumors that the former governor of Virginia may get in the race, Governor Tim Kaine. Do you have any comments on that?

Senator George Allen:
If it’s Governor Kaine he’ll raise a lot of money. He’s well known… We’ll have a lot of differences of opinion… He was for Obamacare. He’s for the regulation of CO2. He was for tax increases and all the rest. I look forward to a campaign to give Virginians values and voices in Washington which has been ignoring them for far too long.

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