Sarah Palin on California Delta Smelt Minnow: “Where I Come From We Call Them Bait” (Video)

Sarah Palin spoke at the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center tonight in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of his birth. In one of her best lines of the night, Sarah Palin told the audience that in Alaska, unlike in California, they call two-inch fish “bait.”

Sarah Palin:

“Right here in California some of the nation’s richest and most fertile farmland lays fallow. And the livelihoods of thousands of family farmers are destroyed. And, they’re destroyed because some faceless dem government bureaucrat took away their lifeline, their water. And they claim that it was in order to protect a two inch fish… Now where I come from we call that bait… And there is no need to destroy people’s lives over that bait.”

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