Republican Turncoats May Sabotage Governor Walker’s Budget Cut Plans …Updated With Contact Info …Update: WI GOP Senators to Stand With Walker

Good grief…
Don’t look now but Wisconsin Republican Senators are getting wobbly.

Republican Senator Dale Schultz is ready to bail on Governor Scott Walker.
You can send Dale Schultz a respectful email telling him to support Governor Walker here.

The AP reported:

To end a high-stakes stalemate over union rights that has captured the nation’s attention, a handful of Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin might have to stand up to their new governor.

Gov. Scott Walker made clear Sunday he won’t back off his proposal to effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees. Senate Democrats who fled the state last week to delay the plan vowed not to come back to allow it to pass — even if they have to miss votes on other bills Tuesday. And union leaders said they would not let up on protests that have consumed Wisconsin’s capital city for a week and made the state the center of a national debate over the role of public employees’ unions.

That dynamic means it might take Republicans in the Legislature who believe Walker is going too far to try to break the impasse. One idea that has been floated by GOP Sen. Dale Schultz would temporarily take away bargaining rights to get through the state’s next two-year budget, then immediately restore them.

While it’s unclear whether that would be acceptable to his colleagues, Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach said in a phone interview from the hotel room in Chicago where he’s hiding out that Schultz was brave for making the proposal. He said Schultz, of Richland Center, and five or six other Republican senators who have ties to organized labor are in the best position to get both sides to negotiate a deal.

Protesters who crowded inside the Capitol for a sixth day Sunday had a similar message. They hung a banner in the Capitol reading “Wisconsin needs 3 cou(R)ageous Senators,” referring to the number of Republicans needed to join with Democrats to block the bill.

So far, there’s little evidence of a move to compromise.

The democrats need 3 Republicans to flip for them to stop Governor Walker.


Here’s the website for the Wisconsin State Senate.
If you have tiime you may want to send the Republican senators an email telling them you support Governor Scott Walker.

Here are the websites for the Wisconsin Republican Senators:

Robert Cowles (R)

Alberta Darling (R)

Michael Ellis (R)

Scott Fitzgerald (R)

Pam Galloway (R)

Glenn Grothman (R)

Sheila Harsdorf (R)

Randy Hopper (R)

Dan Kapanke (R)

Neal Kedzie (R)

Frank Lasee (R)

Mary Lazich (R)

Joe Leibham (R)

Terry Moulton (R)

Luther Olsen (R)

Dale Schultz (R)

Leah Vukmir (R)

Van Wanggaard (R)

Rich Zipperer (R)

PLEASE take a minute and drop them a note of support.

UPDATE: Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling was on Fox this morning with Bill Hemmer and told him the Republican State Senators are standing with Governor Scott Walker – minus one. She called on the AWOL democrats to return and do their jobs. She also reminded constituents that the Republican budget allows everyone to keep their jobs and if the debt is not restructured by Friday they will be forced to lay off workers.

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