Tahrir Square Protesters Display ID’s of Captured Mubarak Supporters

Yesterday, protesters in Tahrir Square showed the Al Jazeera camera the ID cards of accused plain clothed security (police ID) who came in earlier to create chaos.

Today another Arab website posted the ID’s.

An ID showing one of pro-Mubarak supporters who attacked anti-regime protesters in Tahrir Square. The ID identifies the supporter as being a member in the ruling National Democratic Party. (Almasry Alyoum)

The protesters blame Mubarak’s regime for the violence.


The protesters accused Mubarak’s regime of unleashing a force of paid thugs and plainclothes police to crush their unprecedented 9-day-old movement, a day after the 82-year-old president refused to step down. They showed off police ID badges they said were wrested from their attackers. Some government workers said their employers ordered them into the streets.

Mustafa el-Fiqqi, a top official from the ruling National Democratic Party, told The Associated Press that businessmen connected to the ruling party were responsible for what happened.

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