Outrage! CORRUPT MEDIA Refuses to Report on the Left’s Vile Racist-Hitler Signs in Madison

This Is What Corruption Looks Like…
The left held another rally yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin. And, just like the previous protests this past week these far left supporters brought their racist-Hitler-Mubarak Walker signs with them. But, if you thought the media would report on this disgusting hateful display you would be wrong.

Here are a few examples missed by the state-run media…

Walker sucks Koch. —

teabagger = Rich Man’s Whore


Not sure what this was… Super Socialist Man?

More… Tea Party is a Koch Party.

More teabagger hate signs.


Hitler + Hosni = Dictator Scott Walker

Hitler, Stalin, Walker.

One more…

Another Nazi sign.

The media could care less about this disgusting display.
That’s not just bias, that’s corruption.

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