Outrageous. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Salon Editor Joan Walsh Smear Gateway Pundit & Common Sense

Thanks to a twitter friend I heard that last night Salon’s far left editor Joan Walsh smeared me on national TV. Walsh compared my comments on the dangers of political correctness to the outrageous rape comments by Nir Rosen following the violent attack on Lara Logan.

Thanks for letting me defend myself CNN.
And, you wonder why you’re called the state-run media?

(All Things Anderson)

For the record, I have never endorsed rape of anyone and did not say that Lara Logan deserved to be molested in Tahrir Square. That is a complete lie.
I do stand by my comments that political correctness endangers the citizens of this country and warps minds.


Here’s the CNN transcript from Anderson Cooper’s show last night:

COOPER: Joan, this wasn’t just one tweet that was sent out, though, late at night between some friends.


COOPER: This was multiple tweets over time with some very clear arguments being made about Ms. Logan, in addition to the snide comments and in addition to the kind of inappropriate I guess what he would said was an attempt at joking comments about the assault.

Do you believe, though, that — that an experienced journalist would tweet out a statement, would tweet out a CBS News statement, tweet a link to it without having read it? It’s a two-paragraph or three-paragraph statement…

WALSH: Right. It is short.


COOPER: … that he is having multiple comments about. I find it hard to believe frankly that he didn’t read that statement.

WALSH: I find it hard to believe. But, again, I’m not going to call him a liar.

Listen, Anderson, he’s written for Salon. He’s done some good work. He’s done a bad thing here. You know, I continue to hear, even as he talks to you, his final self-defense, which is, well, it’s terrible that it happened to her, but what happens to a white celebrity reporter is now going to obscure what happens to Egyptian women and non-celebrities.

I think that’s pretty poor, too. I think that it’s our job to care about injustice and mistreatment wherever it happens. I certainly — I know that you and I and Ashleigh care about the plight of Egyptian women and we would be bringing that to the world’s attention if we knew about those stories. Just because she’s white and just because she is a celebrity is really no reason to lose compassion. If I can also just jump in and say, though, there are a lot of people on the right who are not getting half the attention of Nir Rosen who have said some pretty despicable things and are sticking by them.

There’s a whole wave of people on the blogosphere, Gateway Pundit and Debbie Schlussel who are basically blaming Lara Logan for her — for what happened to her because she dared to go report on Islam, rather than treating it as this sexist, brutal religion.

And I would like to see those people come in for a little bit of criticism and examination, too. It’s not just what Nir said on Twitter.

COOPER: Yes, Ashleigh, what do you think the response to all of them — all these kind of different comments that have been made online, what do you think it says about the way people view, I don’t know if it’s view reporters or female reporters or sexual assault on women?

BANFIELD: Well, I think, first of all, people need to cut the ad hominem crap, because it’s terrible, it’s offensive. It’s certainly not doing anything to fix the situation we find ourselves in.

But there may be something deeper here. I’m trying to get in the head of Mr. Rosen here, but I can tell you this. From my experience covering rallies, demonstrations and crowds in the Middle East and predominantly countries, it’s always men. There are no women around. It is whipped into a frenzy within seconds.

And the TV cameras kind of fuel the fire. So, add a blonde woman to the mix, and, good God, it’s troublesome. And I really, honestly, can’t say that I don’t know a lot of my female colleagues who have been war correspondents who haven’t had something happen.

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