Only Blind Hardcore Leftists Approve of Obama’s Handling of Deficit Today

Barack Obama tripled the national deficit in one year.
Last year it was at $1.29 Trillion dollars.
This year it will be even higher.

(The Captain’s Comments)

The national debt has increased $5 Trillion since top democrats promised “no new deficit spending.”

Most of the country is aware of the dangerous Obama big-government, big-spending agenda.
But, there are a few hardcore leftists who still approve of his tripling of the national deficit.
Gallup reported:

President Barack Obama’s approval rating for handling the federal budget deficit has gone from bad to worse in recent months, even as his ratings on all other major national issues have generally held steady. Currently, 27% of Americans approve of Obama on the deficit, down from 32% in November, while 68% disapprove…

…Democrats’ disapproval on the deficit is a key reason Obama does worst on that issue. It is the only issue on which fewer than 6 in 10 Democrats approve of his performance. By contrast, about three-quarters of Democrats approve of Obama’s handling of healthcare and foreign affairs…

…Independents are closer to Republicans than to Democrats on the two most polarizing issues — healthcare and the economy. Independents come even closer to GOP views with respect to the federal budget and taxes, making these potential problem issues for Obama when it comes to garnering independents’ support in the next election. However, on four other issues — foreign affairs, energy policy, Egypt, and Afghanistan — independents’ views fall at about the midpoint between Republicans’ and Democrats’ views.

Related… President Barack Obama is calling for a six-year, $53 billion spending plan for high-speed rail system in the United States.

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