OMG! These People Are Nuts!.. Leftist Protester Wails About Losing Chemo Benefits After GOP Assembly Vote (Video)

These people are absolutely nuts! NUTS!
A far left protester cries about how she is going to lose her chemotherapy and die after the GOP majority in the Wisconsin Assembly passed the governor’s budget cut bill late last night.
If this poor woman is teaching children she shouldn’t be.

Shame on the left for convincing this poor woman that she will die because the Wisconsin budget was cut. And, someone please get this woman the psychological help she needs and deserves.

More… Reconstitution added:

If she loses any benefits it will likely be a couple years from now when an Obama administration’s heath care regulatory agency decides that she’s not a good risk for cancer treatments because she’s not a good risk. What are the unions telling people?

Someone needs to send this poor woman a copy of this Wisconsin fact vs. fiction list.

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