Oh the Irony!… Code Pink Founder Medea Benjamin Rescued from Cairo Chaos By Pro-American Army Officer

** This is a guest post by Andrea Shea King and Kristinn Taylor **

Oh the Irony! Code Pink Leader Medea Benjamin Rescued From Cairo Chaos By America-Loving Egyptian Army Officer

Last week Big Peace reported on two Code Pink women who were rescued from the chaos in Egypt by Shell Oil.


This week we can report the humiliating irony of virulently anti-U.S. military activist Code Pink co-founder Susan “Medea” Benjamin who was rescued by a U.S. Army trained Egyptian Army officer. Benjamin writes at OpEdNews that she was kidnapped in Cairo by “pro-Mubarak thugs.”

Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin (right) and Tighe Barry (at lectern) protest the U.S. Marine Corps, Berkeley, Ca., April 1, 2008. Photo by ZombieTime

According to Benjamin, a taxi in which she was riding was stopped and commandeered by men who confiscated her and her two comrades’ passports and ordered the taxi to take them to a government headquarters.

Benjamin said the taxi was stopped at a checkpoint manned by ten soldiers. The officer in charge smiled when he learned Benjamin and her comrades were American and told her, “I love America,” as he ordered them freed.

…Three of us, all Americans, were in a taxi driving to the flower market when this fellow stopped our car at gunpoint. His hand on the trigger, he forced us to pull over. Soon we were surrounded by a dozen pro-Mubarak thugs who started yelling in Arabic and broken English that foreigners like us were causing all the trouble in Egypt.

They said they were policemen but none was wearing a uniform. They seized our passports and then four of these characters squeezed into our taxi to “take us to government headquarters.” Frantic, we started calling everyone we knew–local lawyers and activists, friends back home, the U.S. Embassy.

Soon the car stopped at an intersection manned by about ten soldiers. The officer in charge peered into the car and asked us where we were from. “Americans,” he smiled with approval. “I love America.” He started chatting about his training in Ft. Eustis, Virginia, while we sat terrified. To our amazement, he ordered our kidnappers to get out of our taxi, return our passports and let us go. We sped off, not looking back. Our poor taxi driver was shaking. “No flowers,” he said. “Hotel.” (bold added)

Benjamin has made a career of working to get American soldiers killed by our enemies overseas, while working domestically to destroy the morale of soldiers and their families.

Benjamin and Code Pink have organized protests at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Armed Forces recruiting centers, the Marine Corps officer recruitment center in Berkeley, Ca., and even a White House Halloween party for children of service members where Code Pink has called our soldiers “murderers,” “the terrorists,” “baby killers,” “assassins,” and more.

In the wake of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack, Code Pink posted a fundraising appeal and justified the terrorist attack as dissent within the officer corps:

The recent shootings at Ft. Hood and the resignation of top Foreign Service officer Matthew Hoh demonstrate how even our military officers are opposed to US strategy in Afghanistan.

Benjamin has protested many times at the U.S. Army training center for foreign military at Fort Benning. She recently said that next year she’ll be protesting again at Fort Benning.

While Benjamin is in Egypt allegedly protesting for democracy, her history shows her to be an activist for communist and Islamic state sponsors of terrorism including Cuba, Iran and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq as well as terrorist groups like Hamas.

We will have more on Code Pink’s ‘flower power’ adventures in Egypt in our next article.

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