Figures. Just Hours After Obama Praises Protesters Violence Erupts at Tahrir Square …Update: THUGS ON CAMELS WHIP PROTESTERS

In brief remarks yesterday, President Barack Obama said the passion and dignity demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration. He said the young protesters will reach their destiny. Obama told the protesting mob, “We hear your voices.”

It was just a few hours ago that Obama praised the protesters at Tahrir Square. (Reuters)

Meanwhile, major violence broke out at Tahrir Square today.
ABC Online reported:


Major violence has broken out between pro and anti-Mubarak protesters in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, with demonstrators throwing stones at each other as soldiers atop tanks looked on.

Thousands of protesters from both sides were in the square, the epicentre of opposition demonstrations now in their ninth day.

Several groups were involved in fist fights and some were using clubs, reports said.

Of course, the media is reporting that the instigators were pro-Mubarak protesters not the Islamists.

More… Men on camels and horseback just charged into the crowd. They’re whipping people.
CNN reported:

Men on horseback and camels charged into the crowd at Cairo’s Tahrir Square, some of them lashing people on the ground with whips. Several were pulled off their animals and beaten, and the others retreated. CNN’s Ivan Watson said the horseback riders came from the pro-Mubarak side of the demonstration.

Gee. What are the odds that the Muslim Brotherhood had something to do with this?

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