Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists to Press Demands During Talks

What a difference a month makes.
In January the Egyptian regime was a staunch ally of the US and Isreal. But, that was last month. Today, Muslim Brotherhood terrorists are meeting with Egyptian officials to press their demands.

The banned Muslim Brotherhood have featured prominently in the protests. (BBC)

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood agreed Sunday to meet with the government for talks aimed at ending the country’s political crisis, breaking ranks with other main opposition groups as protests stretched into a 13th day.

The concession created the first incipient opening—however narrow—for a negotiated solution to a crisis that has paralyzed the Arab world’s largest country. It came as Egyptian officials hoped to resume some of the functions of normal life Sunday, the first day of the work week, by gradually opening banks and more tightly regulating the protesters’ encampment in central Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is officially outlawed, said early Sunday that it will meet with Mr. Suleiman to press its “legitimate and just demands.” Essam El Eryan, a senior Muslim Brotherhood official, said the group agreed to the meeting to discuss means by which Mr. Mubarak could give up power.

“We are going to the negotiation along with other political factions to raise the demands of the people,” Mr. El Eryan said. “The priority is changing the regime and the transition of power to a democratic system. If we find something is not sincere and [the] situation is not good we will reconsider and withdraw.”

What could possibly go wrong?


Just to be clear… The democratic process is the Islamist’s entryway to power.
Via the JCPA:

The Muslim Brotherhood does indeed participate in political activity and defend the democratic process. That is not, however, because it has accepted the principles of Western democracy, but rather because the democratic process can be exploited to establish an Islamic regime which will then render democracy unnecessary, as was made evident by its platform in the 2007 Egyptian parliamentary elections. The organization claimed to be participating in the elections because “the Muslim Brotherhood preaches the path of Allah…[and therefore it is participating] to fulfill Allah’s commands in peaceful ways, using existing constitutional institutions and a decision determined by the ballot box.” That is, democracy is Islam’s entryway to power.

The Muslim Brotherhood platform also noted that “the rule in [Egypt] must be republican, parliamentary, constitutional and democratic in accordance with the Islamic Sharia,” and that “the Sharia ensures liberty for all.” The organization does not accept the principle of the separation of church and state, and the Islamic rule they aspire to is, for them, a realization of democracy.

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