MUBARAK ANNOUNCES RESIGNATION – He Will Not Run Again for President After Obama Administration Asks Him to Step Aside

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will make an “important speech” at the end of the day, marking his second public address since protests to his 30-year-role erupted eight days ago.

The US envoy, sent to Cairo at President Obama’s request, told Mubarak to step aside today.

The Muslim Brotherhood announced that there would be no negotiating before Mubarak’s departure.

Mubarak Speaks:


There are political powers who have their own ambitions.

I was never ever interested in being a dictator.

It is not my habit to abandon my position.

It is my intention to allow a new election. I do not intend to seek another term. I am completely resolved to finish my work with the country (in September). I intend to work in the remaining months in my presidency in order to have peaceful transition. I call upon the parliament to look at terms of presidential candidates.

The Egyptian people are celebrating in the streets.

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