Madam Pigford’s Nutty Lawsuit Against Breitbart Includes Prayer for Cash

So who wrote Madam Pigford’s lawsuit against Andrew Brietbart and Larry O’Connor?
…Media Matters?

Sherrod Sues Breitbart

Madam Pigford Shirley Sherrod, the public face of the $1 Billion “back-door” reparations scandal, pressed charges against Andrew Breitbart and Larry O’Connor, the head of, this weekend in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.


Sherrod’s lawsuit includes a prayer for cash.

Sherrod’s attorneys also point out in the lawsuit that the Breitbart video was reposted here on Gateway Pundit.
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Maybe she’s a fan?

More… Mark Levin dissected the lawsuit against Breitbart on his show last night on his radio show.
Levin wonders why Obama is not included in the lawsuit. After all, his administration fired her.

He doesn’t think there’s much there.

And, Dr. William Jacobson added this on the case: “The Sherrod complaint is weak as a legal document, and the underlying merits appear even weaker when subject to scrutiny.”

For the record… Sherrods’ New Communities Incorporated was paid some $13 million, the largest amount awarded to any organization, out of a $1 billion paid out in Pigford settlements scandal.

More… Founding Bloggers asks, “Does Shirley Sherrod have a prayer?”

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