It’s Too Bad Castro Isn’t an Ally… These Protests Might Actually Get Some Media Coverage

It’s too bad that the Castro regime is not an American ally…
These brutal beatings of democracy protesters might actually get some media coverage.
Babalu reported:

For dissidents in Cuba, not even a church is safe haven from the beatings administered by Castro State Security. The diabolical regime could care less about the sanctity of a house of worship, and the leadership of the Catholic Church in Cuba has in effect become an accomplice of the regime, aiding and enabling their repression.

Via Uncommon Sense:

At Havana church, Cardinal Ortega is on the wrong side

As Cardinal Jaime Ortega serves as spokesman for and defender of the Castro dictatorship, outside one of his churches Tuesday secret policemen beat one woman opposed to the regime and arrested another after they tried to join others inside praying for the release of political prisoners.

On the 8th of each month, people gather at the church, Our Lady of Regla in Havana, to pray for the release of political prisoners. This month, that was the dictatorship’s cue to bring a group of junior high students — that’s right, CHILDREN! — to shout slogans and harass the faithful and discourage people from trying to get inside.

Journalist and former political prisoner Dania Virgen García and opposition activist Rebeca Rojas Villán were not so easily swayed. But when they tried to get to the church, they were assaulted by six secret policemen, according to a report from independent journalist Ainí Martín Valero.

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