It Begins… Obama Administration Opens Door to Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Group

More hope and change…

An Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporter holds a banner reading in Arabic “Martyrs for Islam”, Sept. 22, 2006, Cairo. (fellowship of minds)

For the first time ever, a US Administration supports granting Islamic extremists a government role. The Obama Administration is reassessing its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Washington Post reported:

As it braces for the likelihood of a new ruler in Egypt, the U.S. government is rapidly reassessing its tenuous relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, an opposition movement whose fundamentalist ideology has long been a source of distrust in Washington.

Although the group has played a secondary role in the swelling protests that are threatening to topple President Hosni Mubarak, U.S. officials have acknowledged the political reality that the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to assume at least a share of power should Egypt hold free and fair elections in the coming months.

On Monday, in what analysts said was a clear reference to the Brotherhood, the White House said a new government in Egypt should “include a whole host of important non-secular actors.”

The move drew the skepticism of some U.S. officials who have argued that the White House should embrace opposition groups that are more likely to support a democratic government in Egypt, rather than one dedicated to the establishment of religious law.

What could possibly go wrong?


It’s no wonder then that Egyptians fear Barack Obama is a Manchurian president.

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