How Do You Spell ‘Stupid’?… Rep. Lee’s Craigslist Date Was a 5′ 10″ 190 lb Woman With Fraud, Identity Theft History

Former Rep. Chris Lee thought he was sending his picture to a prospective date.
But, it didn’t work out that way. His email friend was actually a 5′ 10″ 190 lb black woman with a fraud and identity theft background.

Dan Riehl reported:

As if the case of Representative Chris Lee sending a shirtless photo of himself to a woman on Craigslist wasn’t strange enough already. Here is Yesha Callahan’s recounting of events.

“I didn’t do this for the attention or, you know, notoriety or money or whatever,” a stunned Yesha Callahan told our colleague Lonnae O’Neal Parker. “Now I just want to go about my daily business.”

Callahan, 34, said she wrestled for weeks about what to do with the e-mails she swapped on Craigslist with Lee last month. He’d told her he was a 39-year-old divorced lobbyist with a son; she traced his e-mail address to his Facebook page, then discovered he was, in fact, a married, 46-year-old politician. Who does that? she wondered.

Via Web of Deception, here’s the fraud/ident info theft background and she also has a long record of tax liens and unpaid bills, going all the way back to Rutgers. Lee was wrong, I’m not defending him. But I am wondering if we’ve heard the whole backstory here.

Yesha posted her own version of the story on her blog.
She stole her blog name too.

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