Horrible. Senate Panel Finds Fort Hood Shooting Could Have Been Prevented – Refutes Obama

What tragic news… Obama said it was an incomprehensible act.

It looks like he was wrong about that too.
A Senate panel today confirmed that the Fort Hood Shooting in 2009 could have been prevented.
ABC reported:

A new Senate report on the 2009 Fort Hood shooting blames the FBI and Department of Defense for failing to recognize or act on alleged shooter Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s extremist views.

The report, released today by Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Joe Lieberman and ranking Republican Susan Collins, says the FBI and DOD could have prevented the shooting if they had identified Hasan’s radical Islamist views and disciplined or discharged him before the attack occurred.

“Our report’s painful conclusion is that the Fort Hood massacre could have and should have been prevented,” Lieberman said at a press conference today.

“The fact is that both the FBI and the Army were aware of Major Hasan,” Collins said. “This is not a case where a lone wolf was unknown to the FBI, unknown to the military officials, until he struck – and that is the tragedy of this case.”

The November 2009 shooting killed 13 people and wounded 32 others.

During the investigation senators threatened to take the Obama White House to court over their refusal to release information on the November 2009 Fort Hood shootings. Now we know why…
The report also refuted claims made by the Obama Administration.
NPR reported:

Appearing alongside Lieberman, ranking committee member Susan Collins (R-Maine), said the investigation dispels the Obama administration’s early argument that legal restrictions had prevented the FBI from thoroughly investigating Hasan before the shootings. She also said no such restrictions barred agencies from sharing information about Hasan.

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