Hooray!… Obama Finally Sees That Gaddafi Is a Brutal Tyrant

Hooray!… Obama Administration finally discovers that Gaddafi is a brutal tyrant.

The families of prisoners killed in the 1996 Abu Salim prison massacre hold up pictures of their disappeared relatives calling for truth and justice. (Khaled Mehyar –HRW)

Gaddafi has been a horrible tyrant for over 40 years.
According to BOPA: Libya has been ruled for 42 years by a cunning, repressive, eccentric dictator who has frequently described his own people as “backwards.” More than half of his 6.5 million subjects are under 18. Despite Libya’s Libya’s plentiful oil revenues, which represent most of the national budget, many children suffer from malnutrition and anemia. Corruption is rampant, dissidents are brutally suppressed, and many citizens are afraid to say Qaddafi’s name in public or in private for fear of attracting suspicion. Instead, Qaddafi is often referred to as “the leader” and to his son Seif (until now heir-apparent) as “the principal.” Discussing national policy with a foreigner is punishable with three years in prison. Reporters Without Borders describes press freedom in Libya as “virtually non-existent.”

But this was apparently lost on the Obama Administration.
It took the death of hundreds of protesters in the street for the Obama Administration to understand that the Gaddafi is a brutal tyrant.
USA Today reported:


The president called on Gadhafi to step down for the first time, saying the Libyan government must be held accountable for its brutal crackdown on dissenters. The administration also announced new sanctions against Libya, but that was overshadowed by the sharp demand for Gadhafi’s immediate ouster.

The president stated that when a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” the White House said.

The statement summarizing Obama’s telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel came as Libya’s embattled regime passed out guns to civilian supporters and sent armed patrols around its capital to quash dissent and stave off the rebellion that now controls large parts of the North African nation.

Gaddafi has been killing and jailing dissidents for years. The fact that Team Obama is just noticing this is disturbing.

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