Governor Scott Walker Threatens to Terminate Truant State Employees (Video)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker threatened tonight to terminate those state employees who do not show up for work.
Governor Walker was on with Sean Hannity tonight.

Sean Hannity: Are you planning on taking a position that if they continue to call out sick that you may threaten to fire them?

Governor Scott Walker: Well, a couple of different things. One, I haven’t seen the video tape. I’ve heard about it but obviously if there are doctors and teachers doing that sort of thing, of abusing the system that’s outrageous and there’s a whole objective system set in this state to review medical professionals who might be falsifying information. And, we’ll leave it up to that objective panel. But obviously we take that very seriously… When it comes to teachers, unlike air traffic controllers at the federal level or state employees in the state of Wisconsin government system, school districts are operated by individual school superintendents and school boards and many of those superintendents have notified their teachers that they’ll face disciplinary action if they are failing to show up because of being at protest as opposed to taking legitimate time off. I support them and backed them on that. The good news is that I think the teacher’s union wised up this week after getting a lot of grief from parents and essentially told their teachers to go back to work. But if state employees aren’t there, obviously we would terminate people and replace them.

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