Governor Haley Barbour: “This Global Warming Is About to Freeze Me to Death” (Video)

I spoke with Governor Haley Barbour tonight at CPAC 2011. The good conservative governor is speaking tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM EST. You can watch his speech live on C-SPAN.

Governor Haley Barbour: “We have to have is more American energy. More oil, more gas, more coal… All the rest of our lives, Jim we are going to be primarily burning oil, coal and gas for our energy and nuclear.

So what do you think, we’re having record cold up north where I’m from, Missouri, and further north and out east and even Florida had record cold this year. What do you think of this global warming agenda they’re trying to push?

Governor Haley Barbour: This global warming is about to freeze me to death…

Question: How do you think the Obama Administration treated Mubarak his final days in office?


Governor Haley Barbour: I grew up in the school where it was said when it comes to foreign policy and national security politics stops at the border’s edge. And, I have always tried to subscribe to that. But we do need for our friends to know that even if we don’t agree with them, they’re going to be our friends. People all over the world who are standing for freedom all over the world and are preventing Islamic terrorism, they must be wondering now, are they going to throw me overboard next?

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