Gingrich Calls Obama Administration “Weak” and “Amateurs In Foreign Policy”

Newt Gingrich was interviewed by Sean Hannity this evening.

Gingrich: “If We End Up With an Islamist Regime in Egypt, It Will Be Catastrophic”

“This is the most incompetent performance (by the Obama administration) since Jimmy Carter presided over the collapse of the American Alliance in Iran in 1978-79.”

“People will realize that this is a very weak government led by a group of amateurs in foreign policy.”

Mediaite is reporting

Mr. Panetta based his Congressional testimony not on secret intelligence but on media broadcasts.

CIA Director Leon Panetta testified to Congress today of a “strong likelihood” that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would step down by the end of the day. The report of his impending resignation was only eclipsed by the news that Mubarak would NOT be stepping down as Panetta had indicated to congress. The worse part isn’t that Panetta was basing his statement on on media reports (and not intelligence.) No, National Intelligence Director James Clapper outdid Panetta with his erroneous claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “secular” organization.Certainly the current upheaval unfolding in Egypt is a fluid situation, best described as a leaderless revolt that has put the State Department, the Pentagon and the CIA all on their heels. As it turns out, the true diplomatic stars so far in this story has been the media, who’s on the field reports have not only created compelling visuals for cable news outlets around the world, but also, strangely, informed the CIA director in his statements to Congress.

Weak?  Amateurish?  I call that gross incompetence.

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