Far Left Palin-Hater Kathy Griffin Will Play Home-Schooling Tea Party Candidate on Glee

This is infuriating.
Far left obsessed Palin-hater will play a home-schooling tea party candidate on the show Glee.

Griffin has a long history of bashing conservative Sarah Palin and her family.

Via the Hollywood Reporter:


TV Guide confirmed that Griffin will play Tammy Jean, a conservative home-schooling Tea Party candidate rumored to be based on Sarah Palin, while Devine will take on the role of a stripper-turned-nun named Sister Mary Constance.

Griffin took to Twitter to announce the news. When asked if she would be appearing on the hit show she replied, “So excited!! It’s true!!”

The McKinley High Glee Club learned in the recent episode “Comeback” that the Regionals theme would be “anthems.” There has been no word yet as to when the show will air.

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