Far Left Hackers Try to Take Down Americans for Prosperity & Koch Industries Websites

The tolerant left strikes again…
Americans for Prosperity website has been under attack by far left hackers from the “Anonymous” group since yesterday.

The far left targeted the website because it is linked to the Koch brothers.
The Politico posted American For Prosperity’s response to the attack:

Americans for Prosperity has established itself as a leading voice in one of the great political debates underway in this country over government spending and how best to restore the fiscal solvency of governments at both the state and federal level. Yesterday, a group claimed credit for an attempt to silence our voice and to stifle that debate through an illegal attack on our website. While the political debate over government spending can be heated, we hope that even our opponents will join us in condemning this illegal attack on our free speech rights as unacceptable and irredeemable. Our country cannot meet the great challenges before us if we cannot have a free and open discussion about the threats that we face.

Americans for Prosperity will not be intimidated and will not be deterred from our effort to support responsible economic policies, including the efforts of Governor Walker and other democratically elected leaders in that state to balance the budget through common-sense reforms.

Related… Here’s one of the ads AFP released supporting Governor Walker:

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