Face-Off at Missouri State Capitol- MoveOn Forced to Move Over

Missouri tea party patriots are holding a joint rally today at the state capitol building in Jefferson City to counter the coordinated union-leftist attack on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Obama’s MoveOn cronies forgot to reserve the capitol grounds and were forced to hold their rally across the street. I’ll be posting photos of their rally but it’s kinda hard to see them from where we are near the steps of the state capitol.

There were 450-600 tea party patriots out today. It looked like MoveOn.org managed to coax a couple hundred supporters out to support public union employees who make twice as much as the private sector.

I was one of the tea party speakers today. The tea party held their protest in front of the capitol. The MoveOn.org crowd were in back of the capitol and across the street.


St. Louis tea party co-founder Bill Hennessey revved up the crowd.

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