El-Baradei: Mubarak Needs to Leave By Friday or He’s a “Dead Man Walking” (Video)

Mohammed ElBaradei, a close ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Anderson Cooper today that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak needs to leave Egypt by Friday or he’s a “dead man walking.”

Israel National News

Egyptian uprising idol Mohammed ElBaradei has ordered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to leave the country by Friday – or he will be a “dead man walking” and not just a lame-duck president.

The aging Egyptian leader, reportedly suffering from cancer, insists he will remain in power. He said Tuesday night, “This dear country is my country … and I will die on its land.”

Mubarak dramatically announced he will not run in September’s presidential elections, but shortly afterwards, U.S. President Barack Obama dealt him a stinging slap, stating that a transition to a new government should begin “now.”

In addition, he sent a senior diplomat to meet with ElBaradei.

Massive rallies that took place in Cairo and in Alexandria on Tuesday were free of the police brutality that had killed anywhere between 70 and 300 people, depending on whose estimate is believed, in the early days of the rioting. Addressing Mubarak’s speech, ElBaradei told the crowds that a huge protest to be held on Friday, the Muslim day of rest, will become “the Friday of departure” for Mubarak.

Friday ought to be a real blowout.

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