Egyptian Youth Group Demands That Government Halt Gas Shipments to Israel

This really comes as no surprise… Considering an Islamist judge is heading up the Egyptian Constitutional panel and no women and few Copts were invited to participate.

A leading Egyptian youth group demanded this week that the government halt all gas shipments to Israel due to their treatment of the Palestinians.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

A coordinator of Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement told USA Today on Wednesday that if the group’s demands “are not met, we’ll be on the street again.”

Among the group’s demands – one that breaks with the stated policy of the military government – was the halting of natural gas shipments to Israel, citing what it called Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians, according to the report.

The youth movement, along with 10 other democracy activist groups, was scheduled to meet with Egypt’s ruling Armed Forces Supreme Council later in the day, USA Today reported.

Tarek el-Khouly said that his group met with the military earlier in the week but did not make any demands at that time, according to the report. Because it has since become disillusioned with the pace of change taking place in Egypt, Khouly said, they will now make formal demands in the meeting.

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