Egyptian Gas Pipeline Blown Up Near Gaza (Video)

Terrorists blew up a gas pipeline near the Gaza border in Egypt.
The pipeline supplies gas to Jordan and Israel.

An Egyptian official blamed the blast on foreign elements.
The AFP reported:

Unknown saboteurs attacked an Egyptian pipeline supplying gas to Jordan, forcing authorities to switch off gas supply from a twin pipeline to Israel, an official told AFP.

The attackers used explosives against the pipeline in the town of Lihfen in northern Sinai, near the Gaza Strip, the official said. It was initially thought the pipeline to Israel was attacked.

“The pipeline to Jordan has been attacked and the supply to Israel has been cut off,” the official said.

The army has taken precautionary measures to stop the fire from spreading, the official added, as rescue services were putting out the fire.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible, or whether the attack was linked to the deadly protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s rule, which entered their 12th day on Saturday.

“We still don’t have details of how it happened,” he added.

How soon before the Jews get blamed?… Or have they already?

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