Does Madam Pigford Really Want Her Entire Racist GOP-Bashing Rant to Be Aired in Court?

Sherrod Sues Breitbart

Madam Pigford Shirley Sherrod, the public face of the $1 Billion “back-door” reparations scandal, pressed charges against Andrew Breitbart and Larry O’Connor, the head of, this weekend in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

In July of last year, Andrew Breitbart and Big Government released video of former Ag employee Shirley Sherrod admitting during a speech to the NAACP that she did not assist a poor white farmer as much as she could have because of his “attitude” and race. As Breitbart noted in his post, Sherrod referred to a white lawyer – “one of his own kind.” The state-run attacked and smeared Andrew Breitbart and FOX News for showing only a segment from Sherrod’s speech.


In late July an anonymous reader sent me this video revealing the rest of the racist remarks from Sherrod’s NAACP speech. Of course, this never made it into the state-run media reports:

Madam Pigford better hope they don’t play this as evidence in the case or she’ll will be laughed out of court.

For the record… Sherrods’ New Communities Incorporated was paid some $13 million, the largest amount awarded to any organization, out of a $1 billion paid out in Pigford settlements scandal.

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