Despite Threats… Tucson Tea Party Holds Rally For Freedom & Scott Walker

After the tragic shooting by a crazed Bush-hating pot-smoking leftist last month the Tucson Tea Party has been under constant attack. Local and national media outlets slandered and smeared the freedom protesters blaming them for a tragedy that had nothing to do with them.

The local tea party leader was even threatened with death by a crazed leftist at a public forum.

Local officials are still trying to silence and destroy this group of patriots. They are intimidating local professionals to the point where they will no longer speak at their rallies.

But that won’t stop these Arizona patriots from speaking out against corruption and abuse and standing up for freedom, democracy and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
The Tucson patriots held a rally last night.


Good-bye Obama.

The Tucson Tea Party is still standing.

And, this weekend they rallied in support of the budget repair policies of WIsconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Congratulations to our brave friends in Tucson!

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