Democrats Admit They Are Completely Baffled on How to Create Jobs

Democrats admit they don’t know what to do next to create jobs…
The Senate Republican Conference released this today:


  • Senator Chuck Grassley: “‘Do they have a jobs agenda?’ the Iowa Republican asked. ‘Tell me what it is.’” (Steven Dennis & Jackie Kucinich, “Democrats Retreat to Beef Up Agenda,” Roll Call, 02/09/11)


  • ‘I don’t know what we’ll do next,’ said Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.). The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate on Tuesday conceded that his party faces a dilemma as it tries to come up with a legislative agenda to create jobs …” (Alexander Bolton, “Dems face dilemma on jobs plan,” The Hill, 02/09/11)

Meanwhile… Republicans believe Congress should make it easier and cheaper to create jobs:

Instead of focusing on the American people’s priorities — namely, jobs and reducing government spending — Democrats are continuing to endanger job creation by defending their budget-busting health care legislation and planning even more unnecessary spending. Senate Republicans are committed to reducing the cost of health care, cutting spending, and creating an environment where businesses can grow and create jobs.

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