Crazy. Obama Says He Will Spend $4 Billion a Year On Weather-Proofing That Will Save Companies $40 Billion a Year

Are we really supposed to believe this?
Barack Obama is going to announce his latest multi-billion dollar stimulus investment today at at Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania. In this latest round of binge spending Obama will blow $4 billion a year in taxpayer money and, he claims, the efforts will save American companies $40 billion a year.
And, I’ve got a magic green bean oil that will fuel your car.

The Better Buildings Initiative that Obama will announce at Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania, is meant to achieve a 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency by 2020, reduce companies’ and business owners’ energy bills by about $40 billion per year and save energy, the White House said.

Administration officials would not detail the plan’s cost but said it would be paid for by ending tax subsidies for oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Obama is planning on raising the money by ending tax subsidies for oil and natural gas which will raise about $45 billion in the next 10 years.

So Obama says he will spend $4 billion a year and it will save companies $40 billion a year in 20 years. If that were true companies would already be doing it. Obviously, Obama has no idea what he’s talking about.

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