Change! Pakistanis Rally in Support of Arab Uprisings – Blame Obama and US Puppet Regimes (Video)

More Hope and Change…
Pakistani radicals rallied against the West and Obama this weekend blaming the violence in the Muslim World on the US.

Iranian Press TV reported on the protest:

Protestors in Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan, held a rally in front of Karachi Press Club to call for an end to western interference in Muslim world and to show support for the revolutions in Arab world.

These demonstrators are angry at what they witnessed on their TV screens, the horrifying images of the brutal government crackdown on the pro-democracy protestors, on the streets of Libya, Yemen and Bahrain and they are supporting the regime change in Arab world.

As the awakening of Arab nations continues, the passive response of the US and other western countries to these democratic movements and their continuous focus in maintaining the status quo is increasingly under scrutiny.


According to Human Rights Watch the death toll in Libya, Yeman and Bahrin has risen to at least 200 people, including women and children in last couple of days.

With people chanting anti-US and Israeli slogans, the message from southern port city of Karachi is clear: People of Yeman, Bahrain and Libya, we are with you, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.

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