Celebrating Ronald Wilson Reagan on His Centennial Birthday

The celebration of the centennial of the 40th president’s birth is underway today.
This great man left office more than two decades ago but his legend lives on.

Ronald Reagan knew how to deal with dictators – He didn’t bow down.

Reagan would have been 100 today, February 6.

In celebration of Reagan’s birthday, 60 Minutes Overtime, a webshow from CBSNews.com, is offering viewers a compilation of 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace’s historic interviews with Reagan, starting with his 1975 “60 Minutes” debut and ending with his 1989 exit interview in the Oval Office.


This is very cool– Reagan skewers the far left cranks on this liberal show. What is clear from this compilation is that 60 Minutes was just as liberal then as it is today.

Wow. The liberal media hasn’t changed a lick since the Reagan years. They were just as nasty then as they are today. The best line by crank Mike Wallace, “So you plan on being a one term president then?”

Ronald Reagan, born in Tampico, Ill. in 1911.
Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan.

More… Rep. Ben Quayle wrote a nice piece on Ronald Reagan today at The Politico.

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