Caught on Tape: Children Beaten at UK Mosque (Disturbing Video)

An Islamic school in Birminham, UK is the center of a controversy after video showed instructors beating children and making offensive remarks about Hindus and ranting: ‘Disbelievers are the worst creatures’.

The video was released later today.
Via The Blaze
Warning on Violence: Watch video clip from Lessons in Hate and Violence. This footage was part of a Dispatches undercover documentary and was filmed at the Markazi Jamia Mosque, Keighley. The clip shows scenes of children being hit which viewers may find distressing.

The school says the beatings were an isolated incident.
The Daily Mail reported:

Teachers at the school insist the undercover reporter captured an isolated incident where a 17-year-old senior student was talking to pupils.

They have provided a letter which shows that he was expelled for his views last August – five months before the school was made aware of the tapes by producers.

A Birmingham faith leader has now backed the school’s record of teaching tolerance and MP John Hemming said he believed the documentary was irresponsible and had put schoolchildren at risk.

The school’s head of curriculum Mujahid Aziz said the decision had been to bring forward the school’s half-term by a week after meetings with police.

Pupils were being told not to return to classes until the start of March.

‘They filmed for six months and managed to collect a handful of comments which promote intolerance,’ said Mr Aziz.

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